Saturday, February 14, 2009

(from James Black)

Dear friends of TRUTH and FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Looks like Dr. Salla hates freedom not only in his P4C forum but also in the whole Internet. He should be in China or in Castro's Cuba.

A good friend sent me the message below, with this intelligent comment:
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Definately a dictator mentality!
Besides, Spam mainly deals with unsolicited sales adds, not emails to a group list you are partcipating and interacting on. What a dummy!>

"Dear p4c members, I wish to alert those active on the p4c forum that a
group of former members and others monitoring the forum are using the
email addresses of those actively posting to create unsolicited email
lists. They use the unsolicited lists to spam active members and
bombard them with all kinds of defamatory, abusive emails, etc., in an
effort to discourage people from participating in p4c. If you receive
unsolicited emails from a list of individuals discussing p4c or its
members then I recommend immediately asking posters to drop your name
from their list, and blocking those sending the emails or routing them
to your spam folder. You also have the option of reporting spammers to
their ISP when the email address reveal their ISP.

The practice of spamming p4c members has recently increased which is a
clear sign that the p4c forum is a cause for concern for some
monitoring our discussions. It's quite clear to me that those
responsible for the secrecy system do not want an informed groups of
individuals discussing ET contact issues in a rational goal oriented
way. If you have been included in one of these unsolicited email
lists, it's because someone wants to discourage you from participating
in the p4c forum.

The recent changes to the forum's goal and posting guidelines will
help restore a sense of civility and courtesy to the p4c forum so
constructive dialogue can once more take place.


Michael S.